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5 Signs You Need A New Heating System

Published January 13, 2023
5 Signs You Need A New Heating System

What are some things you do to stay warm and cozy in the winter? Many enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate or cooking their favorite soup recipe. Behind every cozy day at home, your heating unit is working hard to maintain your comfort. However, there may come a day when your heating unit finally breaks down for good and leaves your home an uncomfortable temperature. In this blog, we will list warning signs you need a new heating unit so you can avoid an unexpected breakdown!

Heating Warning Signs

If you are unsure when it’s time to replace your heating unit, we promise you aren’t alone. Many choose to use their heating unit until it finally quits, while others choose to save money on repairs and bills by replacing it early. Your heating unit often shows signs it will need to be replaced soon, which is why it is important to be able to recognize each sign! Being able to identify a warning sign can save you from an uncomfortable situation this winter. Below are 5 signs you need a new heating unit.

  • Frequent Repairs
  • High Utility Bills
  • Old Age
  • Uneven Temperatures
  • Poor Air Quality

Frequent Repairs

If you have had to repair your heating unit multiple times within the last few years, it could be a sign that your unit is on its last leg. Continuing to repair an aging heating unit is similar to putting a bandage over a much larger problem. Not only are frequent repairs frustrating and time consuming, but likely costing you more money in the long run. We understand that purchasing a new heating unit is an investment, but it will save you time, money, and comfort down the road.

High Utility Bills

If you notice a spike in your heating bills either recently or when compared to past years, it is likely due to the efficiency of your heating unit. This indicates your heating system is using more energy than necessary to properly heat your home. New, efficient heating systems can keep utility bills low each month and save you money. While a new unit is costly upfront, expenses such as high bills and frequent repairs can add up over time and cost you more.

Old Age

Unfortunately no heating system lasts forever, but if we find one we will be sure to let you know! Most heating units last between 15-20 years if well maintained. Like most things, heating units are exposed to wear and tear over time. Once your heating unit hits about 10 years, we recommend evaluating its efficiency. Your heating system can become less efficient each year if not properly maintained and cared for, such as regularly changing air filters. The more energy your system uses to heat your home, the more you will pay in heating costs.

Uneven Temperatures

Have you noticed that some rooms in your home are cooler than others? A quality, efficient heating system will effectively heat all areas of your home at the same temperature. If you constantly find yourself needing a sweater in one room and a tank top in another, your heating system is not effectively heating your home. Uneven temperatures could be the cause of the constant thermostat setting battle between residents in your home, because everyone may be experiencing different temperatures in different rooms.

Poor Air Quality

Heating units that need to be replaced often produce poor air quality in your home. A common sign to tell if your heating system needs replacing is if there is more dust or debris accumulated around your home than normal. Additionally, pay attention to the health of residents inside your home. If traditional allergy symptoms have randomly flared up, it could be due to your heating unit not producing quality air.

Heating Replacement In Gaffney

When the time comes to replace your heating system, we have you covered! Our expert technicians are well trained to install, repair, and maintain all types of heating brands. We’ll help you choose the best system for your needs, from assessing your requirements to system selection and sizing. From heat pumps to furnaces, let us help keep your home comfortable this winter season!

Additionally, we can be there for you if you are experiencing an uncomfortable breakdown and needing replacement quickly. Childer’s Heating and Air Conditioning proudly offers 24/7 emergency service for those in an unexpected situation.

Financing Options

We understand purchasing a new heating system is a costly investment for your home, which is why we offer financing options for our customers. At Childers, we believe that you should get the comfort you deserve without the financial burden. Visit our financing page to learn more about the two financing options available for your convenience.

Understanding common signs you need a new heating unit can save you from an uncomfortable situation in the future. We are here to ensure you remain warm and cozy all winter long. Give us a call for heating replacement in Gaffney and surrounding areas today!