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Is It Bad To Leave My Windows Open With The AC On?

Published August 19, 2022
Is It Bad To Leave My Windows Open With The AC On?

In late summer, many homeowners want to open their windows to enjoy the summer breeze while it lasts. While the breeze may feel nice to enjoy the warmth from the comfort of your home, we recommend stepping outside rather than opening a window. Open windows can pose a threat to the health and efficiency of your air conditioner, and in this blog we will tell you why.

Keep Your Windows Closed This Summer

Below we have provided 5 reasons why you should keep your windows shut this summer while your air conditioning is turned on.

  • Decreased Air Quality
  • Overworked Unit
  • Reduced Unit Efficiency
  • Increased Cooling Bills
  • Sacrificed Comfort

Decreased Air Quality

If you struggle with allergies, it may be best to leave your windows closed while your AC is running. Your air conditioner works hard to filter out pollutants such as pollen, and open windows allow pollutants to easily enter your home. Opening your windows also lets in humidity, which your air conditioner works to decrease. Extra pollutants and humidity can lead to clogged air filters and drain lines, and cause problems within your AC system.

Overworked Unit

Your air conditioner works hard to provide cool air conditioned air for you to breathe inside your home. Opening windows will allow the cool air to escape and warm air to enter. If your air conditioner is on, it will work constantly to maintain the thermostat setting, which is not possible if the windows are letting in warm air. Your system will overwork itself and raise your energy bills.

Reduced Unit Efficiency

Your air conditioner will work harder and use more energy if the windows are open, which reduces the system’s efficiency. Your unit is more likely to break down if overworked, which results in costly repairs and technician calls. The more repair calls and breakdowns your unit experiences will likely shorten the lifespan of your unit and require replacement much sooner.

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Increased Cooling Bills

Due to the decrease in efficiency, your air conditioning costs will likely rise if you have the windows open. The more energy your air conditioner uses, the higher your monthly bills will rise. To save money on cooling and repair costs, it is best to keep your windows closed this summer.

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Sacrificed Comfort

Open windows will bring in the muggy, hot, and humid air this summer. Your home’s temperature will rise and it could take a few hours for your air conditioner to cool your home back to the thermostat setting. Opening your windows this summer will sacrifice you and other resident’s comfort, so we recommend stepping outside to enjoy the fresh air!

For you and your air conditioner’s health, it is best to keep your windows closed. Go outside and enjoy the summer weather while it lasts, because soon enough it will be time to crank on your heating system. If you experience an air conditioner breakdown or repair, give us a call! We are dedicated to restoring your comfort in the South Carolina heat.