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It is important to have a reliable furnace and repair company in the cold and wet winters Gaffney sees. Childer’s Heating and Air Conditioning can guarantee your comfort with our 24/7 emergency service. Don’t let your heating system leave you frozen this winter. When you are in need of furnace repair in Gaffney, South Carolina or surrounding areas, Childer’s has you covered.

Things To Check When Your Furnace Is Malfunctioning

If you notice your furnace is failing, check these four heating factors before calling your Childers technician.

Thermostat Settings.

Make sure your thermostat is on and does not need new batteries. It should be set to heat and read your desired temperature. Otherwise, your furnace does not will not turn on.

Furnace Filter.

Check if your furnace filter needs to be cleaned or replaced if your furnace is malfunctioning. A dirty filter can cause your furnace to shut off or not produce heat through your vents.

Furnace Switch.

Your furnace switch typically resembles a light switch and can be accidentally turned off. It should be in the “up” position for your furnace to work properly.

Circuit Breaker.

Your furnace malfunctioning could mean your breaker tripped. Locate the circuit breaker switch for your furnace and reset it to attempt turning your furnace back on.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Your furnace will likely show signs it needs repair. Pay close attention to the following signs to avoid a breakdown at an inconvenient time this winter.

Strange Smells. Your furnace may smell like fuel from time to time, which is especially normal when first turned on. If you notice a lingering odor, it may indicate your furnace needs repair.

Discolored Pilot Light. A healthy pilot light usually appears blue. If your light is discolored, it indicates a ventilation problem and could be dangerous for your health.

Inadequate Heating. If your furnace is not properly heating your home, there is likely an internal problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. The most common causes of inadequate heating is leaky ductwork and faulty thermostats.

At All-Temp, we repair many different types and brands of furnaces. We understand how a furnace repair can be inconvenient, especially during the holiday season. Let our expert technicians provide you with affordable solutions in a timely manner to ensure your comfort this winter!

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