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Heat Pump Repair

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If you are having trouble with your heat pump, we offer repair here at Childer’s! We understand how frustrating a broken heat pump is, especially in the cold winter months.

Common Issues With Heat Pumps

Your heat pump isn’t turning on.

If your heat pump isnt turning on, it is likely a thermostat problem, power loss, a broken starter capacitor, or a broken reversing valve. This issue is likely something that can not be solved without one of our technicians.

Your heat pump is running constantly.

This issue could be caused by unusually cold weather, a broken compressor contractor, or thermostat problems. Check your thermostat to make sure it is not set in the “cooling” setting during winter months, and the same for summer months. Unusually cold weather can cause your outdoor coils to freeze, which could be the source of your issue.

Your heat pump isn’t sufficiently heating or cooling your space.

The following things could be causing your heat pump to malfunction: blocked unit, dirty air filter, low refrigerant charge. Due to your heat pump pulling from outdoor air, it will not work efficiently if it is blocked by plants, snow, or other debris. Similar to blockage, the pump can not properly push air through if your air filter is dirty.

The inside wiring of a heat pump


Before calling your technician, here are a few troubleshooting tips that may solve your problem.

  • Check for dirty air filters
  • Clean A/C coils
  • Make sure your heat pump is not blocked
  • Confirm your thermostat is in the correct setting and placement of your pump
  • Inspect for mold growth or animal infiltration
  • Determine if any of the registers are closed, blocked, or clogged
  • Examine if there is any liquid leaking

To get a better idea on if your heat pump needs repair, you can perform these troubleshooting tips yourself. We recommend contacting one of our trained technicians if you are experiencing any of these common issues. We can handle any repairs your heat pump throws at us!

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