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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Published June 21, 2023
Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

While your air conditioner may seem to be running fine, it could be on its last leg before breaking down due to underlying issues and malfunctions. Air conditioners are complex systems with many different components all working together. If one component is obstructed or malfunctioning, the whole system can be affected.

An inefficient air conditioning unit can lead to a variety of disadvantages for you and your home before breaking down completely. It can be easy to neglect your air conditioner, because it works behind the scenes. However, AC breakdowns in a Gaffney, SC summer can be extremely uncomfortable. It is important to provide proper maintenance and pay attention to your air conditioning system to help prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. In this article, we discuss common signs your air conditioner needs repair and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

AC repairs are avoidable to a certain extent, especially if you care regularly for your cooling unit. That means replacing air filters, wiping down the vents, and checking the thermostat setting and batteries every three months.

That said, even well-maintained units can break down. Sometimes, it’s obvious when something’s wrong — for example, if your home isn’t getting cool or if your unit’s leaking. Other signs might be subtler; call for AC repair in Gaffney, SC and surrounding areas if you notice the following.

Weird Noises

It is normal for air conditioners to make noise when turning on and off. You may notice a light humming from the outdoor condenser compartment as the motor runs, just as banging in the air ducts occurs as the metal sheets expand and contract with changing temperatures. However, other noises point to something more hazardous.

If the humming turns into a loud buzzing, parts are working harder to produce cool air. For instance, a fan motor allows the fan blades to spin, sending cool air indoors and discarding warm air from the condenser unit. However, if dust buildup or a lack of lubrication halts moving parts, these parts work harder to override the issue, creating a buzzing sound. Other sounds to be aware of include:

  • Rattling from loose nuts and bolts or debris in the outdoor unit
  • Continuous clicking noises from a faulty thermostat that doesn’t send the correct signals to your unit to turn on or off
  • Banging as compressor parts become loose, or other components like fan blades shift, knocking into surrounding parts

Unusual Smells

There’s no shortage of unusual smells, whether burning from frayed wires or overheated mechanics or a rotten egg smell from trapped decaying animals. Mustiness from fungal growth also occurs frequently in moist areas like the drain pan, which collects condensed water running through the drain line or from leaking coils. Other signs you need air conditioning repairs in Gaffney, SC include:

  • A gas smell: Although your system doesn’t use gas to run, it may pick up a gas leak odor around your home and redistribute the smell from the vents.
  • A smoky odor: Like with a gas smell, HVAC units trap smoke particles from the air in the filters, whether from outdoors or smoking indoors, and blow it back into your living areas.

High Energy Bills

When your unit functions, dozens of components work to bring you cool air. The thermostat reads indoor temperatures and tells your system when to power on and off, just as internal coils move refrigerant, a cooling chemical that absorbs warm air, leaving only cool air.

However, false thermostat readings may have your unit long or short cycling, meaning it stays on for too long or turns on and off frequently, consuming electricity excessively in both cases. Similarly, a refrigerant leak lowers cooling power, meaning your unit runs longer to create cool air. You may also receive higher energy bills if:

  • Your air conditioner is old, meaning it isn’t as energy-efficient as newer models
  • Dust buildup over the internal components slows them down, or clogged filters restrict airflow
  • Worn parts are reducing the cooling capacity

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Call For AC Repair In Gaffney, SC

There are plenty of other signs you need air conditioning repairs, from uneven cooling creating hot and cold spots to water or refrigerant leaks that lower efficiency. Unfortunately, not all residents schedule an AC repair in Blacksburg, SC until their unit shuts off completely.

Premature Shutdowns and Replacements

Most problems start small, with dried parts needing lubricating or loose nuts and bolts needing tightening. However, if left alone, they wear out while harming surrounding components, causing the cooling unit to decay prematurely. When this occurs, a repair won’t cut it, and you’ll need a more costly replacement long before your system completes its 10 to 15-year lifespan.

Energy Efficiency & Utility Bills

Your thermostat is the brain of your air conditioner. It knows your home’s indoor temperature and your desired thermostat setting. With this, it sends signals to your unit to power on when the indoor climate gets too hot and tells it to power off when your indoor climate reading matches your thermostat setting.

However, age, worn parts, and buildup keep your unit from functioning optimally. These factors lower air output, and the less controlled air there is seeping into your home, the longer it’ll take for the unit to match the thermostat setting. This lower energy efficiency keeps your air conditioner running longer, placing more of a strain on your energy grid and raising utility bills.

Better Air Quality

Air filters trap dust, dander, and other allergens as the air moves through them to keep these contaminants from entering your indoor air quality in Gaffney, SC. But excessive buildup causes particles to detach and re release into your rooms. They settle on your floors and furniture and travel into your lungs, promoting asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Similarly, backed-up drain lines encourage indoor leaks that cause pooling on your floors. That and stagnant water in the drain pan give way to toxic mold and mildew growth. During repairs, we fix these issues, especially if they’re causing health and air conditioning symptoms.

Only Childers Keeps The Chilliness Coming!

Since 1951, our Childers Heating & Air Conditioning team has made it our duty to provide comfort. Therefore, we offer 24/7 emergency services for residential and commercial properties. When you notice signs you need air conditioning repairs in Gaffney, SC, give us a call. We work with all brands and unit types, from central cooling to ductless mini-splits, so call (864) 659-7416 for a free estimate today!